Property Management

Simplify Life, Health and Style

Some people may have properties where they have once lived or bought for investment purpose – but had to move to another city or country because of work or other reason. In your absence, property should be taken care of. It would have been done by relatives or friends normally. It is important to leave your home keys to a trusted friend. Today, lifestyles have changed and people are busy with their personal life. Things have changed now. So, you have to seek professional help.

Be it a future home or an investment, your property deserves complete protection and management. Miscreants and encroachers often squat on vacant property which is unwatched for months. Even well-protected properties should be properly monitored to avoid any serious damage because of natural disasters and misuse. If you live in other city or if you are an NRI, or just don’t have enough time to maintain your property, we can do it for you. We ensure that your asset is held secure and safe, even when you are not there.

Major Highlights

At iSEWA, we effortlessly maintain elite living style, home utility payments, and maintain cleanliness, home hygiene, and air quality for you and your family.

  • Get your outstanding utility bill paid on time. (Property tax, Water bill, Electricity)
  • Get a shared or personal reliable and loyal security guard.
  • Get assistance in a detailed home Cleaning and Sanitization
  • Get reliable and qualified contractors for your home repair and Improvement/upgrade.
  • Improve quality of air inside home filtering out mold, pollen, dust mite debris, household dust? lint, smoke, pet dander, bacteria & virus, smog.

Our property maintenance service includes giving estimates of repair work to the clients from well-qualified service providers, supervising the maintenance and repair work, buying important material required for maintenance and repairs, and providing proof of work done.