Property Monitoring Services

Comfortable Living and Home Security

Is your property being misused or vandalized? Is your property safe? Is there any water damage? Are the windows unharmed? Are there any birds nesting in windows?

You have bought your dream home or apartment which may or may not be whole new. It could be your future home or an investment property. It has been vacant for months. You are not sure if you wish to use it or rent it out when you visit the city. Just because your property is vacant, it doesn’t mean it must remain idle. You still need someone to keep an eye on your property.

Property Monitoring is supposed to be complicated, confusing affair where a small mistake can cause disasters. iSEWA helps home owners to navigate through their properties at the comfort of their home. We provide world-class monitoring services to meet exact needs of clients. Our dedicated staff is committed towards helping homeowners to get the highest appreciation on – and best value – for their investment.

Major Highlights

Know your home better with our property monitoring service and ensure secured living and lasting comfort for your loved one and yourself in India. Here are some of our major highlights

  • Get pictures and videos of your homes in India with GPS location and timestamp
  • Pictures and videos includes but not limited to front door, front of house, R-side view, L-side view, back of the house, name plate with front fence and the house itself.
  • Register for free any Urban/Rural single home/ apartment/ open land with structure.
  • Get 50 points check done to make sure that all your home appliances, plumbing and electricals are working to its top performance.
  • Sign up with many available convenient payment options

We are offering Property inspection and monitoring service to protect your home in India when you are abroad. We keep an eye on your property regularly to reduce the risk of unauthorized access and use, and encroachment. We regularly visit your property and inspect to ensure that it is in excellent condition and free of unauthorized occupation or access.