About Us

With busy schedules, growing professional pressures, changing dynamics of life and round-the-clock activities, people are used to expect things to be timely and well organized. But there are still lots of tasks that can be chaotic, cumbersome and time consuming. It drains out a lot of energy and kills your time, and you are ended up exhausted to do important things in your life. Thousands of Indian residents and NRIs face these challenges. Be it filing taxes, taking care of parents, making travel plans, pending property problems, visiting India after years, the list is endless.  

iSEWA is always available to those NRIs who are far away from their families, who are visiting India after several years, and who are too busy to take care of their properties in India. We provide widest range of services to NRIs who might find it hard to carry out such tasks. To cater to all your requirements, we are offering widest range of services, such as –

  • Property Monitoring
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Services
  • Legal
  • Travel Services
  • Background Check

We offer all kinds of NRI services across India. We provide services on ongoing basis. We have wide portfolio of our services.