Background Check

Check Before You Trust

There is a reason why individual customers and employers across India rely on us to handle their background checking, screening and other efforts. We provide tailored, flexible verification and screening services. Our diverse offerings are the result of consistent customer feedback, technological innovations and an urge to provide the best solutions.

Choosing the right candidate is very important for your business when you consider the expenses and time when hiring, recruiting and training staff. Hence, conducting background check does makes sense.

Major Highlights

At iSEWA, we can help you get the following info –

  • Get financial and criminal background report card of a person or tenant.
  • Get credit history of person/tenant/employee.
  • Get background check of seller or buyer.
  • Get a background check report card of anyone before you plan on getting into a relation.

We can help you verify the background of anyone, efficiently and cost effectively. All it takes is just one online request from you without you moving from your desk.

Why iSEWA?

We understand the importance of choosing the right person. We have been offering background screening services for years to our valued clients across India and abroad.  We have completed hundreds of background investigations and verifications. So, we have been in the business for a long time and we understand the ins and outs of working with different companies and individuals.

We benefit our clients with user-friendly approach, industry-leading info, and personalized customer service. Our flexible system architecture and customer-driven approach provide simple integration in several platforms. Our robust operational structure, industry’s best practices and guiding principles lead us to compliance with state and federal requirements for background check. We understand the importance of choosing reliable individuals and employees for productive and safe environment.